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Submitting Works for the Hidden Stone

We are seeking artists of all kinds to feature your work in our journal. We are looking specifically for artists who feel similarly about giving a platform for a diverse array of voices, who feel similarly about finding the magic in their own lives, and who wish to inspire and teach others about their own perspective.

As an example, we are looking for stories, fiction or non-fiction, as well as essays, thoughts, questions, drawings, paintings, and basically any other variety of art that you - the artist - feel may fit in this journal. This is not exclusively a journal about one specific practice, or one specific form that magic takes. The Hidden Stone is the journal of Human traditions of all kinds because magic takes all forms. If you would like to learn more about our philosophy on the definitions of magic, please feel free to read the introductory essay, which will open the first issue of the journal.

If you feel that you would like to submit a piece, but you are concerned that it may not be "magical" or "esoteric," please submit your work regardless, as I use these terms to refer broadly to the type of work that we all do - I use the words that are a part of my tradition, because those are the ones I know the best. Language often appears to be a barrier, but I find that when we are open and honest with each other, we can turn our words into bridges.

Please email all submissions to, you must include "Hidden Stone Submission" without the quotations, at the very beginning of your subject line, as well as your name.


Focus on kindness, forgiveness, and growth. If you have something to vent, do it in a way that is constructive, so that you may turn that into an opportunity for learning, both for yourself and for the audience.

The core of the work should embody some lesson that you have learned, or something about your traditions or beliefs that you believe can help teach others.

The work should be presentable within the pages of a journal, i.e. text, 2D images, etc. However, we are also accepting digital submissions such as videos, animations, or other online content that can be proven to be hosted safely; we plan to release a variation on the Hidden Stone online, and this affords us additional opportunities for different types of content.

Text-Specific Guidelines

Our target length for essays and short stories is between 500 - 4,000 words. Yes, this is a wide spread, but there are a wide array of approaches people take to writing essays. Some people work better with fewer words, and some people feel confined by too few words, so we hope that this range will be generous enough to enable writers more creative freedom. Target length for poetry is between 1 and 4,000 words.

At this time we are only able to accept submissions in English. We do have plans for future translated versions of the journal, but right now these resources aren't available to us.

We will not be censoring works. With that said, please be respectful and honest. If you need to swear to get your point across, be our guest, but avoid excessive crass language and try to keep it as professional as reasonably possible.

If you would like, we are encouraging all authors and artists to submit a question. This can be anything. It can be vague and musing, it can be specific and biting, it can be a burning question related to your work, or just any question on your mind at the time. These will be sprinkled throughout the journal in different ways.

Image-Specific Guidelines

We are looking for any artworks that can be displayed fairly on a two dimensional space. Ideal for this medium are paintings, drawings, illustrations, screen prints, etc. However, we are also accepting photographs or other 2D depictions of 3D art such as sculptures, carvings, reliefs, etc. Like with text submissions, we will not be censoring works. We do ask that you be respectful and honest with your work.
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