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Welcome! You've stumbled across the webpage for the Green Lion Podcast. This is a podcast centered around the philosophy of the strange, hosted by me, Taylor Bell, covering all kinds of interesting topics. The aim of the show is to provide a platform to discuss the paranormal, the esoteric, and the fringe in philosophically-oriented ways, and for me to continue to grow and learn as I explore these ideas. The podcast was launched on May 11th, and is available wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. The format of the show will be a bit fluid, though there are three major forms it will come in:

Podcast Formats

Monologue shows where I discuss topics that interest me, by digging deep into the symbolism and meaning through the use of Hegelian Dialectic (Basically alchemical transmutation of ideas; breaking things down, analyzing them carefully, developing a better understanding of the constituent parts, and then putting the pieces together to form a better understanding of the whole topic as well).

Interviews, where I will bring on fine guests and interrogate them question by question to create a deeper understanding of their work, their ideas, and how we can make progress on the larger conversations being had here on the internet. Occasionally I will bring on guest interviewers to help me ask these questions (or come up with better questions).

Research Roundtables, which I believe will be some of the most fun. The goal for this type of show is to bring on guests to help me dig through a topic using research that we've done ahead of time. We'll discuss what we find out, we'll break things down, look things up, compile useful sources, and probably come to no real conclusions. Who knows, maybe we'll find one here or there.

Let's Ask Better Questions

As a philosopher, I believe that we need to be asking better questions in these Fortean and strange fields of understanding that we all share an interest in.

Oh, and if you're new to all this, welcome! There's a whole weird world of magic and mysticism out there waiting to be discovered, and if you don't believe that, I urge you to do some research yourself, and discover those things that you may find useful. The goal of this project is not to prove anything to anyone, it is not to come to conclusions about the occult, high strangeness, or the paranormal, it isn't even to try to make these subjects more palatable to mainstream academia. Philosophy has already been on the back burner of academic studies, and notable people like Steven Hawking have even proclaimed philosophy to be dead. Others act like it is.

Philosophy is not dead, it is the great heart of knowledge in all its forms, and it is a key by which we will unlock the ever-developing layers of meaning in nearly anything. I'm using it to dig deeper into the strange, but of course Philosophy and philosophical ideas can be used to probe deeper into any topic of conversation. But again, I am not here to prove anything, I don't care if anyone believes in any of this stuff - half the time I don't even believe in it.

I spent many years in disbelief, writing off all this stuff, and it took a considerable amount of soul searching (to even find a soul buried deep in my self), and I'm not here to do that soul searching for you or anyone else - I'm just here to do what I love most: Philosophize about the strange. Take everything with a grain of salt - everything I say here, and everything anyone else says anywhere. None of us really know what we're talking about, and at best we're all speculating. So let's ask better questions, let's dig deeper, let's try our best to be professional and academic where it counts - and to be free thinking people everywhere else. Let's break things down, sift around the dust and sand, and find the gold hidden inside.

Let's seek truth in our post-truth world.
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