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Alphabet of the Magi

The  alphabet  is  great  for  obscuring  text,  or  even  for  creating  magical  sigils.
ANTIQUISSIMOS Sapientes, quos Graeco sermone Philosophos appellamus, si quae vel naturae, vel artis reperissent arcana, ne in prauorum hominum notitiam deuenirent, variis occulatasse modis atque figuris, eruditissimorum opinio est.

Moysen quoque israeliticae gentis famosissimum Ducem in descriptione creationis Coeli et Terrae ineffabilia mysteriorū arcana verbis operuisse simplicibus, doctiores quique Iudæorum confirmant. Diuus etiam et inter nostros eruditissimus Hieronymus tot pene in Apocalypsi Ioannis mysteria latere affirmat, quot verba.

Graecorum Sapientes non paruae apud suos aestimationis praetereo: nostrosque et Philosophos et Poetas doctissimos intermitto, qui fabulis conscribendis operam nauantes, aliud imperitis, atque aliud eruditis hominib.

Download the OTF

I see you've stumbled upon this fun little page. This is my lineal-style, sans-serif redux of the classic magical script, Paracelsus' Alphabet of the Magi. I really enjoy this script, but I found it very difficult to use at a small size since the versions which we have access to today are notoriously full of serifs and calligraphic specificity. Call this a bastardization of that masterpieces if you want, I call is usable.

This alphabet was originally designed by Paracelsus sometime before his death in 1541, in concordance with the Hebrew alphabet. Because of this, there was no distinction made between certain letters in the Roman / English alphabet, such as I, J, or Y - all of which could be seen as similar to the Hebrew Yod (י), and the Hebrew Vau (ו‎) could be used as an analog U, V, and W. Similarly, P, F, and Ph share one symbol, and the Z symbol more accurately aligns with Tsade (צ). There is also no distinction in this font (or in the original Alphabet of the Magi for that matter) between the standard letters and their Final equivalents.

My version of the Alphabet of the Magi is available in OTF (OpenType) format, though in the future I may be able to provide other formats. This is my first attempt at making a font, so it's not perfect, but it does the job. Eventually I do plan to expand the alphabet into a proper Roman alphabet for English letters; meaning I want to create distinct symbols to solve the problem above, as well as ancillary symbols such as brackets, numbers, punctuation, and special symbols like æ or œ. One day I hope to be able to expand this into non-English alphabets, but those are all lofty goals and this project is not my top priority at the moment.

This font is available for free, under the Creative Commons license type. Anybody is free to download it, and use it for anything both personal or professional, and anyone is free to make changes to the font. I used FontForge which is available for free. I hope you enjoy using it for passing secret notes, inscribing magical words, or just messing with people. It was a blast to make.
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