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This page will serve as a community hub for projects, art, essays, etc. We will post here various resources such as other blogs / vlogs, as well as reference material (tables of correspondence, lotto books, specific stuff like the many names of Hekate, etc.) as they become relevant to subjects discussed here. If you know of something that you feel should be included here, please send it over and we will consider adding it to this page. This list is currently in no particular order and is still under development. Once the list becomes larger, it will be organized by category (i.e. Tarot, Astrology, Grimoire, Hoo-Doo, I-Ching, Buddhism, etc.)
Benebell Wen offers both free and premium courses on magical topics from Astrology, I-Ching divination, Tarot, Witchcraft, and much much more.
The Many Epithets of Hekate, assembled by Mat Auryn
Hekate has many names, with many meanings. Mat Auryn has created a masterful list of all of these names at his Patheos blog "For Puck's Sake". It's even alphabetized.
New Aeon English Qabalah Encoding Site by Wren Collier & Alynne Keith
Aleister Crowley's seminal work, Liber Al Vel Legis holds a secret which was only discovered decades after his death, a cipher which allows for Gematria to be done with the English alphabet.
The Sigil Arcanum Tarot by Taylor Bell
A Tarot deck made entirely of sigils, currently available for pre-orders, soon to be released in stores. The deck is available in both a full color Spectrum Edition, and an all-black variety called the Blackout Edition.
Alphabet of the Magi - Lineal, Sans-Serif Redux by Taylor Bell
This is just a small project I've been working on for reasons that should become apparent in the sort-of-near future. This font is free to use, and is available in OTF format.
Planet Weird, by Greg & Dana Newkirk
The Newkirks have been exploring the fringe, from ghosts to ghouls, goblins, and glowing orbs for many years. Their website is a treasure trove of Fortean goodness. Be sure to check out the Hellier documentary series, it is worth the watch - even worth multiple watches.
Where Did the Road Go? Radio Show hosted by Seriah Azkath
Seriah has been hosting this show since 2013, bringing together a variety of traditions, folklore, and revolutionary ideas in the realm of the paranormal. Some of the returning topics include UFOs, Poltergeist phenomena, Magical practice, Kundalini & energy work, Bigfoot & cryptids, and of course, much more. This podcast is a one of a kind. Seriah also hosts an underground Metal music radio show on the same network called The Last Exit for the Lost.
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