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Sigil Arcanum Tarot

February 16, 2021

Have you ever wanted a tarot deck that was entirely pitch black? The Sigil Arcanum Tarot is a new take on the classic divination technique, a distillation of the symbols of the Tarot in the universal language: Sigils. Each card features sigils which are made up of pertinent symbols from the history of Tarot. The Thoth Tarot deck is the source for these symbols, though an effort has been made to make the deck compatible with both the Thoth system, and the RWS system.

This deck is great for anyone who already feels proficient with Tarot reading, and despite its abstract nature, the deck has proven to be easy to learn on as well, especially if mathematics, archetypal symbolism, and abstract interpretation are up your alley. The deck also comes with a 52-page booklet explaining the symbols used in each card, and features a pictorial guide to the various symbols used.

The Sigil Arcanum is available in the full color Spectrum edition, where sigils are given their appropriate colors relating to elements, planets, the zodiac, and much more. The deck is also available in a Blackout edition, printed on full black paper stock with black UV for a beautiful effect that shines in the light.

The Sigil Arcanum Project was funded on Kickstarter in May of 2019, and is available for Pre-Order now. You can find a link to the Pre-Order here. In the interest of transparency: I created the Sigil Arcanum Tarot, so I wanted to promote it here on my blog. If you like it, Pre-Order the deck, which is shipping out March 2021.

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